River Park Meuse Valley


The Meuse, an impressive rain-fed river, has modelled throughout the centuries as a many-sided and interesting scenery. A jumble of old channels, cut-off meanders, dikes and floodplains arose. High and low water levels provided a great diversity : gravel, sand and clay are the very basis of the typical fauna and flora.

The River Park Maasvallei is inseparable from its rich history. Historic towns and remarkable villages bear witness to a past closely connected with the Meuse.

Oud-Rekem rose at the river bank of the Meuse and was able to keep the radiating charm of an authentic Meuse village. Throughout the centuries, the Meuse has moved eastwards. When walking from Oud-Rekem to the present Meuse bed, you travel almost through time. In the scenery, you can still find traces left by the Meuse.

The Oude Weerd is historically linked with Oud-Rekem, connected again thanks to several walking loops. You want to wander off a bit further ? Then, we can recommend Hochterbampd, where you can stroll through the rough Meuse nature. At the free parking near the canal, you can choose between different walking loops (between 2,7 and 15,4 km).

Detailed hiking maps are for sale at the information desk.

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