Church Museum

The main building in the Groenplaats is the baroque church Sint-Pieterskerk. In 1704, Count Ferdinand d’Aspremont-Lynden of Reckheim came to an agreement with the Bishop of Lüttich : this agreement mentioned the count could tear down the parish church on the castle domain provided that he built a new one on a different spot.

church, oud-rekemA number of farms were expropriated at the Groenplaats to clear for the construction of a brand-new church, of which the work started the very same year.  However, the count did not keep his promise. As soon as the choir and part of the nave were ready, he stopped the construction work due to lack of money.  The real reason appeared to be an old few between the count, his family and the clergy.

In this way, the church stayed unfinished until 1722, when father Maghin was appointed as a priest of Rekem. He was very happy that countess Antonia, a sister of Count Ferdinand, was willing to finance a resumption of the construction. Unfortunately, a calamity could not be averted : in 1755, a fire started in the small town of Reckheim and burned down the church partially as well as 21 houses. After a difficult start in 1704, the church was left in ruins, until she was brought into use again in 1774.

As the church became later too small due to the increasing number of parishioners of Rekem and Wezet, a bigger church in the Kleinveld was built in 1956. After being the centre of the Rekem parish life for more than two centuries, the old parish church was bought by the municipality to serve as a museum.

Church becomes church again

On the pretext of “church becomes church again”, the interior was restored into its original shape and after a profound renovation in 2015, the church can be admired again in all its splendour.

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From Easter holiday autumn break also open on Saturday and Sunday from 13h till 17h.

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