Internationaal Oldtimertreffen Lanaken 2022

Oldtimertreffen Lanaken 2022

International Classic Car Rally in Lanaken from 2 september to 4 september 2022

Have you always wanted to cruise through Lanaken, located in Belgian Limburg, heart of the Euregio, in style? Your wait is over! Because from Friday, 2 September, to Sunday, 4 September, Lanaken will be transformed into a century of automobile history.

We’re presenting a number of international entries with exclusive and renowned models. We’ll give you a little preview to pique your curiosity: Aston Martin Brussels (led by Freddy Loix) will be exhibiting some very unique vehicles on these days.

Cars from the very beginning up to the eve of the Second World War will be covered. A unique classic car park where spectators can watch over a century of automobile history drive by. This includes powerful names, such as Bugatti, Minerva, Rolls Royce, Packard, Cadillac, etc. and their equally powerful engines, supplemented by post-war, modern cars, and speciality cars.

The participants will depart on a tour of the most beautiful tourist spots in Belgian and Dutch Limburg around 9 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday (3-4 September). Along the way, you’ll stop at beautiful locations for a snack and a drink.

If you prefer not to take part in the drive yourself, but would still like to show off your classic car, you’re welcome to do so in Lanaken. We provide parking for show cars, modern cars, and speciality cars.

Finally, a real vehicular catwalk will be built in the bustling centre of Lanaken, where cars can slowly show off their beautiful bodywork to the appreciative spectators. In other words, this catwalk, also called the Concours d’élégance, is the place to see and be seen.

See you in Lanaken on the weekend of 3 and 4 September!